So I’m really not a very good sleeper during the nights because I tend to have these annoying leg muscle pains if I haven’t moved around much during the day. Exercise helps, but I’m not that energetic, not at this time of night. So I instead decided to work on my quote book, in hopes that painting might mentally tire me out and put me to sleep. Let’s hope this works–fingers crossed!

(FYI, my quote book is literally a square notebook in which I draw, paint, or scribble pictures that I match to my favorite quotes. I’m aware I shouldn’t use oil painting on just plain thick paper since it’ll probably eat through it…but whatevs.)

My oh-so-glamorous palette.

I like to work in burnt umber just because it’s very convenient if you don’t have a lot of time to mess around with a long-term project, which colors would definitely require. If I started a painting with colors, I probably wouldn’t be able to finish or get to it again until a few weeks later considering that I have to hardcore study, work, exercise, and fill my quota of being lazy doing other things. Then the “unfinished-ness” of the project would likely make me very antsy and distracted from my other work, making the situation neither this nor that. So burnt umber and white it is!

The beautiful masterpiece. Or wait…
Yoo-hoo~ ❤

Well, here’s the finished product! I can’t believe such a small simple thing took me three hours to complete. Don’t judge me–I had to resort to finger-painting since I couldn’t find any of my smaller brushes. But I’ll probably touch up on it more later and update this post, but I’m pretty over it for today lol. And I still need to pen in the specific quote this painting was inspired by, so I’m drying this by the fan for now.

The fan looks like a guard dog by the way….the way it’s positioned so confrontationally and almost cornering the book, you know?

Grrr….bark bark!

But now it’s nearly 7 AM, and I am physically worn out….and still not sleepy. I’m going to jump onto the treadmill.