For the last four years, I attended college in a charming, artsy, and quaint little area of Massachusetts, and it is simply a beautiful place. There’s a level of authenticity that other college campuses rarely achieve, and thus one of the reasons I chose that place.

But now this month’s bittersweet countdown has started–I’ve finally graduated, and will be moving out of my apartment to a new city, a new state in a few weeks. It’s all very exciting, but more so saddening. This place holds many memories for me, and I will be heartbroken to leave it all behind.

Thus, for the remaining few weeks, I’d been commemorating my time here by buzzing around the campuses and once again becoming immersed in this beautiful place for the last time. I visited my favorite froyo and ice cream shop. I haunted the used bookshop stores. I bought myself a pink stuffed rabbit from a toy store. I got some essentials from the stationery shop. I also acquired two colorful umbrellas that were ridiculously cheap. Like, $4 for a quality umbrella (money saved: score!)

Needless to say, I know this college area inside out, but I often like to venture beyond and down the suburbs every once in a while–you know, just to browse houses and gardens (strange, yes, but I love architecture and gardening).

And I was doing just this when a month ago, I came upon this weird spooky opening in one of the outlets. So I decided to take that turn into this unpromising little passageway., and I’d only driven for a minute along this woody driveway when I began to see cars parked alongside the roadside, and as the light gradually peeked through the tall trees, the dying sunlight making a beautiful patterning among the trees, I stopped and parked to take a look around.

And what a blessed decision that was.

Oooh, delightfully dark tunnel.
Do I dare go closer?
Uuugh so pretty and clean.
Hmm, what’s that?
Pufer’s Pond. Look at that blue. No photoshop or editing either!
Just chillin’ and they come nibblin’. “I shall name him Nibbles and he shall be mine!”
Dazzling sunset. Such peace can’t be bought.
Catch of the day: baby fish
My little dungeon for the fish prisoners. No worries, they escaped right away.
“Where have my fish prisoners gone!?”
The water was so cold.
Once upon a time in Lothlorien…

How gorgeous is this place? An unexpected splash nature indeed! I spent four years here, and to think I’d find something so beautiful right before I am about to leave. It’s a crying shame I didn’t discover this place earlier. I genuinely would’ve enjoyed coming here a lot more, hiking up and down the trails and swimming in the clear water with the fishes.

Ahh well. All the better excuse for me to revisit this place soon and rediscover its delights all over again, reminiscing in blissful nostalgia. And I’ll do it too! I’ll come back soon, I promise!

But now a poignant chapter of my life finally closes, and it is bittersweet. This river was the perfect ending for it as it flows on in search of new experiences and new destinations, and so will I, very soon.

Thus college, farewell. I will treasure you for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything, bruh.