List seven dreams. They can be personal or website related.

Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.


I thank Matt-in-the-Hat for nominating me to participate in the Infinity Dreams Award. I normally don’t think much of blogging awards, but this actually provided a great excuse for me to write a post related to my dreams (at least, without it being completely random), so cheers!

I nominate the following blogs that I enjoy for the Infinity Dreams Award:

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Jean drawing a day

So without further ado, onto dreams!

“My dream is to…”

Letter from Hogwarts? Prefect? Success!

1. Succeed financially. Wah-wah, I know. But I do think that it’s important to be able to provide for oneself and loved ones in order to properly chase after a dream. My family expects a lot out of me, and my future whimsies depend on satisfying their expectations before I can chase my dreams to my heart’s content. So I will work hard to overcome this immediate practical goal.

Unless of course my belated letter from Hogwarts happens to arrive, in which case screw family. I’m becoming a witch.

2. Buy my mother a house in France. Nothing fancy, just a quiet country home, cozy and intimate with a big garden and beautiful landscape–that’s my mom’s lovely dream, and a quite humble one at that in my opinion. Though my dad’s such a tightwad he think this is impractical, my mother’s happiness is my happiness, so I very badly want to fulfill this part of her dream. Lord knows, she deserves to be happy. That’s what I really hope for at the end of the day.

I don’t need exercise. I do Quidditch.

3. Stop with the over-thinking. I have a lot of interests, and I tend to be good at whatever I do. But I sit and think too much when I really just need to launch myself into action. Get off your lazy ass and be active, soldier! (It’ll also probably help you lose the last 10 pounds you’d been trying to shake.)

4. Become a good listener.  Kindness comes hand-in-hand with being a good listener, because being a good listener likely means that you’re open, humble, considerate, non-judgmental, and perceptive. So my game plan is to eliminate my negatives–pride, resentment, bitterness, ignorance, regret–simply by listening to stories and lessons beyond my own life.


5. Become a writer and/or illustrate a picture book. This is my ultimate dream job. The style and mood of my future book will likely be a fusion of Wicked, The Once and Future King, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Chosen….You know, a good balance of flow, humor, and feels. I would also love to illustrate a picture book along the lines of The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. Something that would impart insight and wisdom about change and aging upon young readers. After all, just because they’re kids doesn’t mean you have to talk down to them:)

6. Befriend enemies. It’s not every day that you make good friends, but when you befriend someone you thought you had nothing in common with, it’s unbelievably inspiring. To realize that there are sensitive souls within your enemies–believe me, it’s happened to me before, and how glad I was to know that I could be proven oh-so-very wrong. After all, there are over 7.3 billion people in the world as of October 1, 2015; odds are, we’re going to find at least one person who can cherish us and whom we can cherish in return. Don’t rule out enemies.


7. Continue blogging. When I first started this blog a few months ago, it was from the high I felt of having graduated college and moving on. But this blog whim gradually grew into a sort of diary to me, and it now stands as a record of my passion and thoughts which I’m branding it out there in the open, officially, so that I can cement my own convictions truthfully with you all as my witnesses. So truly, sincerely, thanks for reading ya’ll…it means a lot:)