I’ve been in a funk for a few weeks now. Hence the reason I hadn’t been posting very much recently. And the reason for my funk? Shitty rude people.

I currently work in a lab, and while most of the people here are super nice, my one and only mentor happens to be so ridiculously rude. As is the PI, but hey, he’s in charge and has lots of influence in his field, so he gets to be as much of an asshole as he wants…I guess. But even so, I just don’t see how people can be so rude and not even realize that they’re negatively affecting those around them–it’s unprofessional, and if I hadn’t dealt with such crazy people before in my life, I probably would’ve booked it outta there on day one.

Now you probably want some juicy details on the matter, so here’s one. There’s this undergraduate who is extremely smart and gets her work done very quickly. But does her mentor appreciate that? Nope. Once, I saw her mentor roll her eyes and sigh angrily, simply because the undergraduate had asked where the water bath was, which had been unknowingly moved that morning. Seriously, if someone puts all their time into helping you with your project, you should be showing some gratitude, not making them feel guilty for asking a simple question. And another time, I heard the PI scolding a graduate student for daring to take one day off from lab when he was sick. The HELL?! Anyone who’s sick should have a right to be sick in peace, goddammit. But then, I even heard that the PI had once thrown a water bottle at the wall when someone accidentally dropped a flask of ethanol on the floor. I would understand if it was hydrochloric acid, but a tantrum over spilled ethanol? Wow.

So yeah, I’m working in an unprofessional environment in which people aren’t treated like people, and that super sucks. But hey, I’m sure there’s plenty of other people like me who are also dealing with shitty jobs and bosses and teachers, a.k.a. rude people in general. And hopefully this post will inspire you to know that you shouldn’t feel bad or ashamed about about being depressed–you’re not the only one. So take your time to wallow, binge on guilty pleasures, and vent to your heart’s content. Whatever helps you move on with your life, take it! Because here are my methods of getting out of a funk.

Food. Lots and lots of food.


Binge on sweets (yay pudding!)


Mope. You sometimes need time to yourself, no need to apologize for it.


Exercise! Let your crazies out. (I do the exact same thing Kero is doing below: dancing aimlessly about and annoying others in the vicinity.)

spi y kero.gif

Tea. It’s very soothing…


…until you realize it had caffeine in it.


Engage in virtual reality–the prime escape from shitty, everyday life.


Watch funny stuff.


Space out. Take a mental break of your crappy life. Empty your mind.


Don’t be ashamed to cry. We all do.


Shop for cute stuff! I can’t be only one obsessed with plushies, right?


Even forced laughter promotes endorphins.


Sleep it off. It’s the best medicine ever.


Even if you don’t want their help, let good friends cheer you up:)