I held a Harry Potter book and movie marathon over the course of the last two weeks, and IT WAS AWESOME. It reminded me afresh of how much fun you can have making geeky references from this series, and it was a very nice way to just chill after reading so much serious literature like A Handmaid’s Tale, The Bell Jar, and Room (reviews to come soon).

Therefore, I think I’m going to geek out every once in a while with posts like this. You know, just to make it fun for myself, as well as for those who like to be reminded of classic moments from this series. Of course, I had THE geek-out moment of my life when I posted about my trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I’m sure one of these future posts will top the geekiness.

So in this post, I cover the moments from Harry Potter that cracked me up the most. I had a blast putting this together, so hope you get a chuckle out of it too. And listen to the soundtrack while reading through ’em:) Cheers!

“Ron,” said Hermione in a dignified voice, “you are the most insensitive wart I have ever had the misfortune to meet.”


Mrs. Weasley: ‘I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Oh, Ron, how wonderful! A prefect! That’s everyone in the family!’
‘What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?’ said George indignantly.


Professor Trelawny: “Your dark hair.. your mean stature.. tragic losses so young in life .. I think I am right in saying , my dear, that you were born in midwinter?”

“No” said Harry, “I was born in July.”

Ron hastily turned his laugh into a hacking cough.


“So light a fire!” Harry choked.
“Yes… of course… but there’s no wood!” Hermione cried, wringing her hands.


Bulgarian Minister of Magic: “Vell, ve fought bravely.”

Cornelius Fudge: “You can speak English! And you’ve been letting me mime everything all day!”

Bulgarian Minister for Magic: “Vell, it vos very funny.


“He can run faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo.” –Fred Weasley


Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, “It unscrews the other way.”


“Don’t put your wand there, boy!” roared Moody. “What if it ignited? Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know!”


Harry watched as his six doppelgangers rummaged in the sacks, pulling out sets of clothes, putting on glasses, stuffing their own things away. He felt like asking them to show a little more respect for his privacy as they all began stripping off with impunity, clearly much more at ease with displaying his body than they would have been with their own.


“I don’t want to stay here overnight,” said Harry angrily, sitting up  and throwing back his covers. “I want to find McClaggen and kill him.”
“I’m afraid that would come under the heading of ‘overexertion,'” said Madam Pomfrey.


Madame Delacour glided forwards and stooped to kiss Mrs Weasley too. “Enchantée,” she said. “Your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!”

Mr Weasley gave a maniacal laugh; Mrs Weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.


“For heaven’s sake, Potter!’ said Professor McGonagall, straightening her glasses angrily. ‘Do you really think this is about truth or lies? It’s about keeping your head down and your temper under control!’ She stood up, nostrils wide and mouth very thin, and Harry stood up, too.

‘Have another biscuit,’ she said irritably, thrusting the tin at him.

‘No, thanks,’ said Harry coldly.

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ she snapped.

He took one.

‘Thanks,’ he said grudgingly.


Wild!” Ron said, twiddling the replay knob on the side. “I can make that old bloke down there pick his nose again.. and again.. and again…”


‘Jordan, would you mind telling us what’s going on in the match? interrupted Professor McGonagall’s voice.

‘Right you are, Professor – just giving a bit of background information. The Firebolt, incidentally, has a built in auto-brake and–’



One of them was a very old wizard who was wearing a long flowery nightgown. The other was clearly a Ministry wizard; he was holding out a pair of pinstriped trousers and almost crying with exasperation.

“Just put them on, Archie, there’s a good chap. You can’t walk around like that, the Muggle at the gate’s already getting suspicious-”

“I bought this in a Muggle shop,” said the old wizard stubbornly. “Muggles wear them.”

“Muggle women wear them, Archie, not the men, they wear these,” said the Ministry wizard, and he brandished the pinstriped trousers.

“I’m not putting them on,” said old Archie in indignation. “I like a healthy breeze ’round my privates, thanks.”


“I do,” Moaning Myrtle said, with a sulky little shrug, “but that  doesn’t mean I can’t visit other places. I came and saw you in your bath  once, remember?”

“Vividly,” said Harry.


“My friendly, card-carrying cupids!” beamed Lockhart. “They will be roving around the school today delivering your valentines! And the fun doesn’t stop here! I’m sure my colleagues will want to enter into the spirit of the occasion! Why not ask Professor Snape to show you how to whip up a Love Potion! And while you’re at it, Professor Flitwick knows more about Entrancing Enchantments than any wizard I’ve ever met, the sly old dog!”

Professor Flitwick buried his face in his hands. Snape was looking as though the first person to ask him for a Love Potion would be force-fed poison.


Ron: “All she wants to do is snog me. My lips are getting chapped, look!”

Harry: veers back “I’ll take your word for it.”

You Tell ‘Em Ron!

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley is too underrated. In many classic moments like this scene, he shows off his perfect comedic timing, and I especially love how his voice cracks whenever he panics, like in the Whomping Willow scene from the second movie. Don’t worry Ron…I hate spiders too.

“You’re LITERATE?”

Oh Malfoy. I love this sneaky little bastard. He may seem like your typical selfish back-stabbing slut-face hoe bag, but in reality, he is so much more than that (…….) No really, he is more than that. I enjoy him in the books, and Malfoy in the movies is especially hilarious, credit to Tom Felton who totally owns the character. This scene is probably my favorite from all the movies put together: “I didn’t know you could read.” That baffled face is ON POINT!


An amazing actor who left us too early. But Alan Rickman’s legacy will be remembered, even through measly lines like “always” or “obviously.” The delivery of this line had me on the floor laughing, which just goes to show you don’t need a million words to make people laugh. I love you Alan Rickman, R.I.P.

Bad Parenting

The dynamic between this husband and wife….(HAHAHAHAHA) Everybody in the Weasley family is hilarious in some way or another: the twins’s pranks, Percy snobbiness, Ron’s sarcasm, and Ginny’s wit. But Arthur Weasley was the one who parented them all, and this scene may suggest just from whom everybody inherited their roguishness.


Aside from George making this scene absolutely hilarious, it served as a sort of nod to show that he was fine after his ear was sliced off, that his spirit was still intact–and I like this scene for that reason. It kills two birds with one stone–or rather three, because there’s an extra layer of humor that George is giving Harry the “disapproving eye,” when George and Fred themselves are the ones always getting that treatment:)

But I’m your brother!

Once again, Rupert Grint elevated this scene for me. The twins’ lines are clever and funny on their own, but Ron’s face when he says “but I’m your brother” in that betrayed tone cracked me up even more That expression lol.


Hahaha Hermione is so cute. “Or worse, expelled.” Darling, I think we can think of a few things worse than death, but expulsion just isn’t one of them.

Who are YOU talking about?

More Rupert Grint. Need I say more?

“Too happy”

Ahhh I love Maggie Smith. She’s the perfect embodiment of Professor McGonagall, whose dry humor is conveyed PERFECTLY in this scene. This part of the movie made me laugh like crazy:D

I hope you got a good laugh out of these–I did:) What were YOUR favorite lines and scenes from Harry Potter? Let me know.

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