A few days ago I was thinking: “There’s  really a lot of superhero hero movies coming out these days.” Really. A lot.

  • Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy
  • The Superman trilogy + Man of Steel reboot
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • The Spiderman trilogy + reboot
  • Two Avenger movies
  • Three Captain America movies
  • Three Ironman movies
  • Six X-men movies
  • Two Wolverine spinoffs
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Fantastic Fou
  • Antman
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Green Lantern
  • Deadpool…
  • Aaaand all the rest that I’m probably forgetting.

So that’s at least 40 superhero movies made since the 2000’s. I think that’s quite a lot for a span of sixteen years, no? We’re not selling donuts here dammit.

Therefore, I’ve decided to put my foot down. I’ll no longer partake in this mass craze of superhero worship. I’m snubbing the teasers. I’m refraining from hanging onto every scrap of news about the next superhero release. I’m ditching my Batman T-shirts in the trash (well…at least in public. They’re too cute to throw out.)

So this was last week. But now, I have a confession to make. Today, I went to watch Captain America: Civil War, and I’m ashamed to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself (….) Fine, I’m weak! But it was so good… what was I to do in face of the best Marvel movie ever?

Because truly, this new Captain America movie is probably the best superhero release since The Dark Knight, and I’m extremely pumped about it. It brings something new to the superhero genre for once. Because, I mean–let’s be frank. Superhero movies tend to follow the same old generic formula. It’s a good formula, to be sure, but a formula nonetheless.

The charismatic hero, the dame-in-distress who falls in love with the hero’s abs, the villain with some cosmic plan to take over the world, and a flashy finale. Oh, and the dead parents, let’s not forget that one. This is the superhero formula in a nutshell, and it’ was starting to really bore me. But Captain America: Civil War breaks out of that rut, yay! I almost choked up when (SPOILER ALERT!) Captain America rammed his shield into Ironman’s chest at the end. His guilty face as Tony stares up at him with an expression of shock and betrayal….oh, the drama. And Steve’s letter at the end was really moving, it made me want to leap out of my seat clapping.

And this movie makes me like the characters that I wasn’t crazy about before! Scarlet Witch grew on me a lot here, as did Falcon, Vision, Ant-man, and so on. I even liked the villain! He wasn’t your typical pyschopathic douchebag, and his motivations were really interesting to puzzle out.

So job well done Marvel. You made me like everyone in your universe.

Oh also….how incredible were these action sequences?





2016-03-10 12_56_19.gif






Each fight is tailored to fit these characters, and I’m superbly impressed by that. The Black Panther chase through the tunnel, the motorcycle grab by Bucky, the nail-biting finale…. This movie really utilizes the hand-to-hand combat to great effect, and that grittiness is ultimately what made this movie so real and dynamic for me.

Witty banter, action, chemistry, cheeky references, and the feels–this movie literally has it all. Including eye candy! I don’t know about you peeps out there, but this chick right here was busy licking up the hotties in this movie with her eyes. sighs dreamily So yeah, this movie is amazing. Civil War is everything that I could ask for out of a superhero movie, and I really hope that this inspires a new generation  of movies like it.

So keep ’em coming, Marvel! I’ll succumb to every marketing tactic you have as long as you continue delivering movies of this caliber. Here’s my money.