Yesssss my pretties, I got a notification just last night that TWO YEARS AGO, I posted my very first post on Dwelling In Erised. I mean, WHAT. So much has happened during these past two years, yet it feels like time just flew by!

Thus, I’d like toΒ  commemorate the occasion with a breakdown of my top 10 favorite posts from the last two years so I can reminisce shamelessly. πŸ˜‰ Starting from the beginning with my trip to The World of Harry Potter, all the way to last month!

But before we launch into all that, I first want to thank all my followers. From the bottom of my heart, the support and encouragement I get through this blog means a lot to me, so God bless you all, and cheers to you.

Happy 2nd birthday, Dwelling in Erised!


***So here are my favorite posts from the past two years, chronologically!

June 3, 2015:Β  “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” (a.k.a. Hogwarts, I’m hooooome!)

My very first post to grace this blog, this pilgrimage came courtesy of my parents who gifted me with the trip to Hogwarts, AND I SWOONED IN DELIGHT. Everything at the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando is pure and uttter magic, and I firmly believe that it IS the best place in the world. I have spoken!


September 2015: “And So, I Flow” (a.k.a. me splashing around in nature)

My final months of college, *sniff sniff* A post that is relatively somber, bittersweet, nostalgic, and wistful as I reminisce about my bygone youth…and yet all the while romping up and down the rivers and forests like a rambunctious little kid.

(FYI: Adults never really grow up. Like, ever.)

October 2015: “The Threads of an Old Life” (a.k.a. painting Lord of the Rings)

If you are able to recognize this painting, yay! One the first things I did after moving out of my college apartment was to paint this into my quote book, and it’s one of my favorites to this day simply because of the hours it took to really get there. A torturous experience, but worth it.


November 2015: “The Pain of Recommending Books to People” (a.k.a. kill me now…)

Need I say more? I’m sure most of us have experienced that pain of recommending books to people, but when they rebuff your literary crusade, IT DRIVES YOU NUTS. Thus, this is a post in which I attempt to restrain myself from jumping out the window (or, in this case, throwing a certain someone out the window).

January 2016: “Reading Marathons and The Value of Re-reading” (a.k.a. kids, re-read your books)

You’d think I’d be a bit more positive on New Year’s Day? Nah. Half rant, half sermon, this is a post that elaborates on exactly why I don’t do reading marathons. Oh, and why it’s so important for people re-read books.

April 2016: “Funniest Moments From Harry Potter” (a.k.a. laughs, giggles, chuckles, happiness.)

Harry Potter giggles! There are so many gut-busting quotes from this series, I just HAD to create a compilation to celebrate my favorite moments from this genius piece of work! Highly recommended if you ever need a reminder as to why this series is so great:D


November 2016: “Slamming cliches: Angry Readers Unite!” (a.k.a. my anger and rant towards cop-out authors.)

Uhhh, on a slightly less positive note, I had a freakout moment last fall after reading an INSANELY stupid book, and I felt the need to rant about cliches and wondering why authors would resort to tropes.Β  (Warning: I am NOT a happy camper in this post.)

January 2017: “Six of Crows: The Best YA Series in Years?” (a.k.a. unexpected rave review of a YA book!)

Six of Crows is an young adult duology that knocked me off of my feet, and despite having laid off of the YA genre for a couple of years (due to its largely shitty content), Six of Crows actually managed to get me reading this genre again. Who would’ve thunk? This series rocks, and it remains of the best I’ve read in years.


January 2017: “The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag” (a.k.a. time to geek out in true Potterhead fashion!)

Oh, Potterheads, how amazing is it to be one? I can’t see any other fandom having as much childish delight in reveling in the fantastical world of Harry Potter.

May 2017: “Books About Books: My Favorites Odes to Literature” (a.k.a. love letters to literature that talk about how awesome books are)

Aaaand last but not least is the most recent post to grace my blog: odes to literature, or namely, books about books. I love books that pay homage to literature, and that includes favorites like The Book Thief, Fangirl, Shadow of the Wind, and so on.

***Thus ends the nostalgia fest:)

Now I am currently out of the country for a family emergency, so if I’ve been a bit absent, there you have it. However, to give you a taste of what’s been up for me now, I’ve been spending my time making cheese, re-watching Over the Garden Wall, and reading Dante’s Inferno; a very productive month indeed. πŸ˜‰ I will see you soon, and again, a happy 2nd birthday to my dear old blog! Cheers. ❀